Mission and History


The Stavely Municipal Library provides various library resources and electronic information to residents of the Town and rural community.


In 1950, a library committee was appointed to work with a high school teacher knowledgeable with library organization. Each volunteer organization in town was asked to contribute $10.00 per year and the community members were asked to donate any books that they could.

The local school division gave us the use of an unused school building for the price of heat and power and on January 20, 1951, the doors were opened with 1,700 volumes.

In 1959, we purchased the school property for $100.00 and there the Library remained until 1980, when the new Community Centre was opened and the Library moved into a brand new facility, where it has continued to grow and expand its services.

In fall 2002 we will be moving into a shared space in the newly renovated Stavely Elementary School, where we will have more room and share our resources.